160watt – MAX – 24Pin ATX Power Module. Included SATA, Molex, CPU power connectors. Ditch your ATX Power Supply Entirely


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This adapter will power your motherboard, CPU and (2) peripheral device with a total output power of 160watt – MAX – . Please see the Discussions tab for important informations on this adapter

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Product Description

Please see the Discussions tab for important informations on this adapter 

Don't spend anymore money on expensive high end ATX power supplies for your mining rigs!

This adapter will power your motherboard, CPU and (2) peripheral device with a total output power of 160Watt.  Kit include specific cables allowing you to use one 12v PCIe port to power your components.

See pictures for details

Kit Includes

  • ATX Module adapter
  • Cable kit for Molex, SATA, CPU
  • 12v PCIe cable power adapter

**Breakoutboard Rev: 7 and Power Supply Not included, used in pictures for reference only**

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19 days 1 hour ago

The maximum output of this adapter is 160watt. This power is divided by your CPU / Motherboard / and one or two peripheral. They are limitation… Here some example that will easily exceed 160 watt, resulting in errors

– Powering device such as CD, DVD or HDD at any RPM
– Having any card installed on the actual Motherboard such as GPU’s, controllers or any other

The adapter will not display any alarm when operating beyond its maximum output. However, you will notice problems such as instability and other weird error.
Within the month of August we will introduce 180 watt and 220 watt module adapter

15 days 2 hours ago

What is the MM size of the DC plug? is it 2.5mm or 2.1mm?

14 days 18 hours ago


5 days 9 hours ago

Why can’t you just power the 8 pin EPS of the motherboard with the Server Power Supply? Its 12v. you already have an adapter cable for the barrel connection just split it to a 4 pin or 8 pin EPS connector. This would transfer the load from the Pico to the server power supply. If an operating system is run from a USB flash drive, then you wouldn’t even need the pico breakout cable (cleaner install).

5 days 5 hours ago

It’s great idea but we would need to make a special cable as PCIe 6pin have reverse polarity. Definitely would take load off the pico board. We will make some test