REV2 – Ultimate 2400Watt Power Supply Kit for GPU Mining. 94% Platinum Efficiency 200v~240v W/ (32)PCIe plugs

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REV2- Ultimate GPU PSU KIT – Delta 2400watt Platinum 94% efficiency Power Supply 200v~240v: (1) Original Delta. (2) X-Adapter REV 8, (32)Pair 16AWG THHN PCI-E cables. All PRE Assembled and fully tested. This is the highest quality components on the market, designed for 24/7 mining farm.

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Product Description

190Amp Max Delta DPS-2400AB 2400watt 200v~240v 80+ Platinum 94% High Efficiency. Not compatible with 100/120volts

Custom built using the X8-Adapter REV 8. This PSU kit is pre-wired and fully tested before shipping. The possibility with this kit are endless.  AC Plug is C19 type(not included)

Can power up to (32) GPU for open mining(depending on power consumption per card).

We includes All PCI-E  high grade cables 26 inch 16AWG 6pin to 6pin +2pin

Kit includes:

  • (1) Delta 2400watt Platinum 94% efficiency Power Supply 200V/240v
  • (32) 26in PCI-E 6pin to 8Pin 6+2 pin cable set
  • (2) Rev:8 X-Adapter fully tested
  • (8) 3M Rubber foot pads
  • Dim 8 1/2W x 6 3/4L x 1 3/4H inch

Additional Information

Weight 10 lbs






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26 days 14 hours ago

Hello! 🙂

May i ask what is the temp on this psu and how noisy are the fans ?

Thank you

26 days 11 hours ago

We can’t answer the question unless we know exactly how much power you will draw from the power supply. However, assuming your were to use it at MAXIMUM capacity; 2400 watt 24/7. It will run hot and loud! When you chose to become a miner these are the two girlfriend that will stalk you – HEAT & NOISE

26 days 10 hours ago

Sorry forgot to mention about the amount of power drawn was gonna say max capacity lol anyways i’ve bought it will experiment and try to review it 🙂
thanks for the reply and so true hopefully i can cope up with both of them xD

Appreciate the help have a great day 😀

22 days 22 hours ago

Hello friends. Just want to tell you, that the power supply runs with almost no noise with 1200-Watt power (50% capacity). This weekend I did power up all 2400-Watt, and it becomes very noisy. I will test with about 1750-watt to see the results. Also with 50% power draw it stays only warm. It is a very good product, cables are very good quality.

13 days 7 hours ago

Dear fabio, Thank you very much for the info and sharing 🙂
Much appreciated.
Have a great day.

22 days 22 hours ago

I have 3 questions:
1. are those refurbished?
2. If there is a Power outage , do i need to press the button before running the rig?
3. If i want to ship more than 30 pcs to Israel how much the shipping will cost (lowest price)?


22 days 12 hours ago

Not refurbished. The REV6 board will not retains is state. REV 7 and REV 8 will

13 days 22 hours ago

Can this accept US 240V?

13 days 21 hours ago

Yes totally fine. Actually better then 208v

9 days 15 hours ago

Just to clarify it will work with US [hot-hot-ground] unlike the EU [hot-neutral-ground]? So if I use a 2 pole breaker to supply the 240v?


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  1. 5 out of 5


    Sry tout write here , but I can’t start à discussion above ( invalid capcha error)
    I want to use this PSU to power my mining RIG with AMD Vega , I need two 8 pins personne card but how Can I power my risers with this PSU ?

    • :

      Hi, Yes you can power the riser so as long as they accept PCIe connectors. Our cables on this kit support 8pins for GPUs so its not a problem

  2. 5 out of 5


    Thanks for the answer , juste one last question . Does the shipping price include the import tax for Europe ( France )?

  3. 5 out of 5


    Hi, Does this power on without having to jump the PSON?

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