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Breakout Board Differences and Comparisons

Comparisons Between the Breakout Boards By Parallel Miner Recently a lot of customers have been asking for more information in a single place detailing breakout board comparisons and differences. We are happy to oblige! While we hope this post will answer your questions and guide you to buying the right breakout board, we are sure…
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What are ohms and why it matters?

Most of the PSUs we offer are Platinum with 94% efficiency; this means a 6% loss. For example, if your rig consumes 1000watt on the ZSX; at the wall, it would be a draw of 1060W. That might not seem like much, but if you have 1,000 rigs, that becomes 60kw x 24hr x 30days…
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Know Your Watts | Watt = Amps x Volts

In December 2020 we introduced the ZSX breakout board. Many had serious doubts! Soon we will release the ZSX-AMP. Know your current output with the simple calculation: (Volts x Current) = Watts. ZSX-AMP will feature total current and voltage displays. Coming soon.  
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