The Bitcoin Economy Has Grown Up

In partnership with Deutsche Bundesbank, the University of Wisconsin, and the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies, researchers declare that Bitcoin is maturing towards critical mass and enterprise usage. Data reveals that transactions across the network have risen “exponentially,” and seem to be increasing at a rapid rate. This makes Bitcoin an appropriate study, researchers say,…
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Uber Thriving in Argentina Once Again Thanks to Bitcoin

The Argentine government has had issues and ongoing arguments with Uber for quite some time. This comes to light as many jurisdictions around the world have given the company problems. Now, in the city of Buenos Aires, the local officials gave instructions to credit card companies to stop associating with the company’s operations. The courts say…
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Why did the halving not affect the hash rate?

Mining is now thoroughly dominated by large, commercial facility. They were very profitable before the halvening, and they are still profitable. Any struggling small scale operations that are now unprofitable are too small to notice if they shut down. Also, for at least a few months, unprofitable miners will keep going in hopes that the…
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