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Maximum Wattage for 6pin and 8pin PCIe Cables

Maximum Wattage for 6pin and 8pin PCIe Cables Everywhere I look online it says 6pin PCIe can carry only 75W and the 8pin PCIe is maxed out at 150W. Why do you claim the PCIe cables you carry can handle a higher wattage? We have been contacted, politely and not-so-politely, about this ever since we…
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The ZSX Breakout Board And Your Motherboard: A Wiring Guide

How To Properly Connect the ZSX Breakout Board and Your Motherboard: A Wiring Guide with Pictures December 2020 saw the decisive end of the cryptocurrency winter, but it was also the month that Parallel Miner's game-changing all-in-one ZSX breakout board was officially released as a belated Christmas / Yule gift for our customers worldwide. The…
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How To Get Your FREE Remote Access Management Board

Free Remote Access Management Module Giveaway In this giveaway, we're offering all of our valued customers the chance to each receive up to 2 FREE remote access management PCB modules. If you purchased 4 or more breakout boards, or kits containing the breakout boards, from us in 2018, then you are eligible! Purchases of 4…
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