110v/240v 1500 Watt Power Supply Kit for Antminer S7 / S9 / A3 / D3 / L3+ / V9 w/ Dual Fault Protection



110v/120v to 200v-240v compatible. 80+ Gold Power Supply For Bitmain Antminer S9, S7 or V9 Bitcoin Miner, D3 Dash Miner, L3+ Litecoin Miner. 1500watt, See full description.

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Product Description

This 80+ Gold PSU kit is fully tested before shipping. Antminer S7 mining at full capacity will consume 1293W ±10% at the wall in this configuration.

The Antminer S9 power consumption are as follows:

1127W (11.5TH/s batch)
1225W (12.5TH/s batch)
1274W (13TH/s batch)
1323W (13.5TH/s batch)
1372W (14TH/s batch)

The Antminer A3 mining at full capacity will consume 1186 W +7% at the wall.

The Antminer D3 mining at full capacity will consume 1200w at the wall.

The Antminer L3+ mining at full capacity will consume 800W +10%.

The Antminer V9 mining at full capacity will consume 1027w +10%.


All components in this kit, including the PSU, are designed for 24/7 mining operation.

Bitmain recommends not to use two separate power supplies to power up a single hashing board. This is because if  one power supply would fail, the second power supply would remain on, therefore not providing enough power to the Antminer which will result in potentially damaging your machine.

With our X11 breakout board, we have eliminated this problem. The new X11 breakout board has a unique "Dual fault protection" feature. What does this mean? This means that if one of the two power supplies powering up your miner fail, the second power supply linked through our fault protection cables will shut off within a few seconds, protecting your miner from potential damage. Paired with two of the HP 750w power supplies, you get 1500w of power that is compatible with your standard US 110/120v outlet and also compatible with 200-240v outlets.

** In this mode the power button on/off is rendered inoperative. The power supply are turned on or off by cutting the AC flow  IE: unplugging the power cord  **  

Please refer to the last picture in our gallery on how to properly wire up the 750w power supply kits to power your Antminer S7.

#1 750w power supply will power the main controller board, three PCIE inputs from the first hashing board, and a single PCIE input from the second hashing board.

#2 750w power supply will power the remaining two PCIE input from the second hashing board and all three PCIE inputs from the third and last hashing board.

To avoid any confusion, please view the last picture from our gallery as we have marked which ports should be powered by the two power supplies.

Kit includes:

Additional Information

Weight 15 lbs




PSU Included

2X HP 750W Gold Rated Power Supply

Breakout Board

2x X11BRK


10X 6Pin to 6Pin PCIE

Cable Length




Got something to discuss?

29 days 7 hours ago

do the crossover cables for the dual fault protection plug into the small 4-pin labelled R2 or R12 ? Don’t understand what it means by INTER/CONNECT either. One product image shows them plugged into R12, while the other image with the S7, show them connected to R2. Thanks,

28 days 19 hours ago

The fault protection use the Inter Connect port of board 1 “Any of the two” into the SATA port of board 2 and vice versa. In this mode if any of the power supply would fail the second one would shut down within seconds.

27 days 6 hours ago

These wouldn’t work on the S9 13.5TH. They work well on the A3 however.

17 days 21 hours ago

Just to confirm this setup and everything that is included in this kid would work just fine for an open mining rig? And it would be expandable to another 1500 watt set of these to daisy chain 4 expansion?

15 days 9 hours ago

I need two power cables to go with this ? can you link me to the right ones ? thanks



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