5500 RPM 250 CFM GPU Open Air Mining Rig Cooling Fan Set w/ 8 Fan Controller Hub 4-PIN 2.8A/12V 120mm x 38mm

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GPU Mining Rig Cooling Fan with Fan Hub. Rated speed (range) 5500±10% RPM. Maximum air flow 250 CFM. Life expectancy of 70,000 hours continuous operation. Fan Hub converts your motherboards single 4-pin fan connector to 8 4-Pin connectors.


Warranty: 90 Days

Product Description

5500 RPM 250 CFM GPU Open Air Mining Rig Cooling Fan Set w/ Control Hub

Keep your mining operation cool and efficient with this replacement 4-Pin 5500 RPM 250 CFM 12V Cooling Fan. With an expected life span of 70,000 hours this fan is able to handle the rigorous environment of a 24/7/365 mining operation. Tested for both ASIC miners and GPU Open Air Mining Rigs. Included with each set is our 8-Fan controller Hub. This fan controller hub expands one 4-pin PWM interface into (8) 4-pin male to add additional fan ports that your motherboard may not provide.

Cooling Fan Specifications:

  • Dual ball bearing 5500 RPM
  • Max Air flow CFM: 250
  • 70,000 Hours life expectancy 24/7
    • Tested at 40℃ in 15-65% humidity


  • Dimension: 120*120*38mm
  • Weight: 370g
  • Frame: Black PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate) plastic
  • Bearing System: Dual Ball Bearings
  • Impeller: 11 fan blades
  • Cable length: 10 inches
  • Power Connector: 4pin
  • Function/Features: PWM control/Speed Sensor


  • Rated voltage: DC12V
  • Rated current: 2.8±10%A
  • Input power: 30Watt
  • Operating voltage: 8 - 13.2V


  • Rated speed (range) 5500±10%RPM
  • Maximum air flow 250 CFM
  • Maximum air pressure 29.0 mmH2O at zero air flow


  • Operating temperature: -10℃~+70℃
  • Storage temperature: -40℃~+75℃
  • Operating humidity: 5 to 95% RH

Fan Controller Hub Details:

  • Black sleeved 8 way PWM splitter controller hub for computer fans
  • Designed for the need to control numerous system fans
  • Capable of expanding one motherboard PWM fan header to support up to eight fans
  • Support PWM Function and speed control to satisfy your fan control needs
  • 4 pin Molex to provide additional power to the added fans

Ideal for use with one of our barebone GPU mining rigs.
Single Fan Can be Purchased Here

Additional Information

Weight2 lbs






Cable Length

10 inch (25.4cm)

Max Fan Speed

5500 RPM

Maximum Air Flow

250 CFM

Connector 1


Life Expectancy

70,000 Hours

Fan Hub Connector 1


Fan Hub Expansion port

8x 4-Pin

Fan Quantity

Fan Hub + 2 Fans, Fan Hub+ 3 Fans, Fan Hub + 4 Fans, Fan Hub+ 5 Fans, Fan Hub + 6 Fans, Fan Hub+ 7 Fans, Fan Hub + 8 Fans

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9 months 30 days ago

Don’t make the mistake that I did! I bought the hub and 7 of these fans for an open air Rig. I should had done a little homework before I put it all together and plugging them in. No doubt these fans will move air, but they will also draw more current that the little wire harness can handle. I made smoke in a matter of minutes and toasted the wire harness. I may have missed something but there weren’t any instructions or warnings included. I have no doubt I will be happy as soon as I figure out how to manage the current draw.



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