900watt – Plug & Play (6) GTX1070 Mining Rig 188Mh/s ETH, ETC, ZEC – NeoScrypt 7000KH/s

RIG2-ATI1070X6 Efficient Mining Rig

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The most efficient mining RIG ever built!  The entire RIG is running on a Platinum HP 900Watt server power supply. Ethereum 187MH/s / NeoScrypt 7000KH/s

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900watt - Plug & Play (6) GTX1070 Efficient Mining RIG 188Mh/s ETH, ETC, ZEC - NeoScrypt 7000KH/s

This might very be the most efficient mining RIG ever built The entire RIG is running on a Platinum HP 900Watt server power supply. If you can plug a hair dryer in an outlet you can plug this RIG. Running on 110/120v or for extra power when overclocking on 220/240volt 

Simply plug in Ethernet and power, we will preset your wallet address and run the rig on your wallet for 48hrs prior to shipping .

The average mining rate of the system is 183-192Mh/s, providing an opportunity for an excellent return at current ETH values, if ETH continues to climb as Bitcoin has it will produce a return many times over. Current generation video cards utilized (6) ATI GTX 1070 with 8GB of RAM, providing a long term solution with excellent resale value if the system is not run for any reason.

Graphics cards consume about 135W each, totally about 810W for the Rig. Remotely monitor and control the Miner from any other computer as the miner runs a “ssh server” in the background. You can monitor and control this Miner remotely using “putty”. A free ssh client software running on any computer on the network.

Ethereum value does fluctuate like many similar currencies but at its current value a return on investment in a few months is very likely. In addition to the value in mining Eth or ETC this system is flexible as it is a GPU based miner so it can mine virtually any algorithm for any coin.

Rig Includes all of the following components.

Rig Frame:
Solid aluminium frame - Made in USA.

Stock Hashrate: 184.7 MH/s

6x ATI GTX 1070 (8gb)  PNY

Power Supply:
1200w HP Custom 80 Plus Platinum

8GB Corsair Vengeance

Intel Celeron G1840 dual core 2.8gh

Biostart TB85

6x PCI-E PCI Express 1x to 16x

3x 120mm 4500RPM fan. Directly mounted behind the GPU's

OS / 32GB SSD:
ethOS - Linux Ethereum Mining Platform. Enter your pool information, wallet address and your up and mining in 5mins. Support dozen of Crypto type and pool

Additional Information

Weight30 lbs

ATI, Biostar, HP, Parallel





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