AvalonMiner Raspberry Pi Controller for A6 Modded to bypass AUC2



AvalonMiner Controller for A6. Build with original Raspberry Pi Model B+ W/ latest Avalon 6 firmware installed w/ custom cable modification to bypass AUC2 controller.

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The AvalonMiner Controller is a Raspberry Pi B+. The AUC2 converter connects the Avalon6 miner to the raspberry pi. However it is almost impossible to find any AUC2 controllers in the market. We have created a custom raspberry pi kit that bypasses the need for the AUC2 controller.

The AvalonMiner Controller we send to you will come along with an SD card with the latest firmware. You can start mining right after plugging in an ethernet cable and adjusting your network settings.
Because of the large memory capacity of a AvalonMiner Controller, your mining setup will operate reliably. By default there is a “No-WIFI mode” preset, which is the default requirement for large-scale mining deployments. 20 miners maximum is recommended for each RPi

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