BAREBONE – All Aluminium 12.1 GPU Open Air Mining Rig Frame / Case

All Aluminium 12.1 GPU Open Air Mining Rig Frame
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Barebone Aluminium 12.1 GPU Open Air Mining

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Product Description

BAREBONE - All Aluminium 12.1 GPU Open Air Mining Rig Frame

The open-air mining rig frame is made of Anodized Aluminium, so it is super strong and lightweight. Frame dimensions are 22 x 16 x 12 inches. Holes predrilled as pictured. Pre-assembled in our shop. For advanced users only.

Attach your motherboard with standard M3 1/4inch screws and your risers with #6 1/2inch screws (not included).


Mining Rig Frame Includes:

  • (1) V3 KADA 12.1 all aluminium frame
  • Nothing else included.

Additional Information

Weight 32 lbs







Anodized Aluminium



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  1. 1 out of 5

    jrusch.jd (verified owner)

    I’ll start wit the good: the frame itself is high quality, sturdy, and light. It won’t fall apart and it will support the weight of 12-GPUs and 2-PSUs quite nicely. The price is attractive and the fan mounts is a nice addition.

    Now for why you should never buy this, even at the current sale price:

    1. The frame is measured wrong–it’s about a half inch too short for the top GPU mounts. This means the top 6 GPUs sit a half ince above the frame and are not flush and cannot be mounted.

    2. I emailed support to make sure the frame had holes for ATX power supplies. I received a response from Missa who said the holes are pre-drilled for ATX power supplies. Well, she was half right. There is only 1 hole compatible with ATX power supplies on either side of of the case, meaning that only half of the PSU is mounted and secure (not safe). The hole also sits up higher than it should, making the PSU tilt down like.

    3. There are only 2 pre-drilled holes for PCI-e risers instead of 4. I have no idea why they would only drill 2 holes. This means that the PCI-e risers are not secure when screwed in and wiggle quite freely. Worse, because the top frame is short by a half inch I have no way to secure the GPU to the frame.

    4. The riser pre-drilled holes are drilled wrong and are too close together–meaning you can’t use 2 screws because it doesn’t fit. I can actually see pencil marks on the frame where they were supposed to drill the hole, but didn’t. I use standard v006 and v007 risers that all have uniform specifications for drill holes.

    5. They included no screwed for any of their pre-drilled holes, and the screw holes are not your standard size compared to other GPU rigs I have purchased.

    5. I emailed support the day I received the frame telling them all of this and that I wanted a refund. They have completely ignored me for over a week now. They’ve ignored me for so long that I’m starting to lose money with my GPUs laying on a table doing nothing, so I’ve had to customize this piece of crap so that it works.

    To fix the measurements that are wrong (which are so bad they make the rig unusable), I installed two layers of felt pads on the riser bar and GPU screw hole bar. I had to use 1 inch screws to get through the holes and secure the risers. I also had to drill two additional holes for the risers. Because the riser holes they drilled are wrong, I’m only using 1 of their 2 holes. I drilled two additional holes in the correct spot and have them secured with three screws.

    There are way better options for 12-GPU pre-built rigs that come with risers mounted, 2PSU addon, cables, and most importantly, screws. This rig is going in the back corned of the basement, never to be shown to anyone, because having to admit that I bought a pre-built rig that was so quickly and incorrectly slapped together is embarrassing.

    • Joseph g (store manager)

      We appreciate your feedback Sir

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