**Now Ships with X7** HP 750 Watt Power Supply Kit for GPU Mining – ZEC, DASH, ETH

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750watt PSU kit for GPU Video Card Mining. Kit include proprietary X-Adapter REV:7, set of (8) 26inches 6-pin to 8-pin(6+2) PCI-E 16AWG, (4) heat resistant rubber foot pads.

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Warranty: 30 Days

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Product Description

Custom built using the X-Adapter REV 7. This PSU kit is fully tested before shipping.

** Do not attempt this setup using other Grid-Seed Adapter or/and lower quality cables.

Each cable set on this kit is rated at 12amps * 6.  The kit is
compatible with both 100-240V range.

Kit includes:

  • (1) Original HP server power supply. Gold Rated 750 watt 100-240V
  • (8) Pair 6-pin to 8-pin(6+2) 16AWG THHN PCIE cables
  • (1) Rev:7 X-Adapter tested
  • (4) 3M Rubber foot pads

Additional Information

Weight 8 lbs






Power Supply Manufacturer


Cable Length


Connector 1


Connector 2

8 PIN (6+2) PCIE

Breakout Board


Included PCIE Cables


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4 months 2 days ago

Does it comes with the power cord, or do I need to purchase them separately.

4 months 2 days ago

We do not include power cord with any power supply BECAUSE the variant are to many on the customer end. Will the customer use 220V or 120V , will he use a PDU or a wall outlet, if a wall outlet will that be in US or HK or UK or China or Mexico ….. ….. That said, remember the old desktop computer power cord ? These will be just fine with our PSU

4 months 1 day ago

R9 295×2 has only two 8-pin PCi-E yet it has 500W TDP, meaning each PCI-E cable needs to deliver 240W. Do you think the cables are rated for such load?

4 months 1 day ago

Cable rating are base on their size. Here we offer 16AWG cable which is rated at 7.5amp. On a PCIe connector you have 6 wire + 2 ground. 6 Wire consist of 3pairs. Each pair can have ((7.5a X 12volts = 90watts) x 3) 270watt. That is at the minimum with plenty to spare.

4 months 1 day ago

Of course you are limited by the PSU at 750Watts. Please don’t forget that

4 months 1 day ago

It’s gonna be 295x and a pair of RX 470 exclusively on that 750w Server PSU.

4 months 1 day ago

Thanks for quick reply. So it should be no problem for two of your wires to deliver 440w to the r9 295x, right?

4 months 18 hours ago

440watt load on two of our 6pin + 2pin cables will be just fine

3 months 18 days ago

Very noon question, but can I use oil as lubricant to install the breakout board?

3 months 17 days ago

Yes … Just make sure to wipe any excess

3 months 16 days ago

Is it safe if the Power Supply is pulling 750w from the wall? I assume with 90% efficiency the actual load would be like 680w ish, Are these Server PSU rated to handle such load 24/7?

3 months 3 days ago

Do you have any eta on when you will have this PSU again? Thanks.

3 months 2 days ago

We just secured 2500pcs. and will have them early next week

1 month 26 days ago

Building my first rig so pardon the dumb question, how do you connect the molex to sata connector that comes with risers? I know you can’t connect the molex to sata using a different PSU due to fire hazard.


6 reviews for **Now Ships with X7** HP 750 Watt...

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Great kit, I have reviewed the items separately on their own pages but the pricing on this kit was too hard to resist – very happy with my purchase. Parallel Miner, keep up the great work and quality!

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Loud but do one hell of a job. Have 7 Graphic Cards hooked on to both of them in total. Get both for a mere $140 with shipping. Takes a little long to arrive but still way cheaper than a 1500w Gold rated ATX Power supply!

  3. 2 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I wanted to love this but got it today after a delay in shipping and it’s dead on arrival.. Frustrated is not even enough

    • :

      We test each on prior to shipping them. 1) unplug all PCIe cables and try to power the power supply by it self with the breakout board installed 2) did you noticed their is an on/off button in the middle of the board… PRESS ON IT. If the power supply start fine once the PCIE cable are unconnected from your Gpu’s, their is a possible short somewhere in your RIG. Dozen of other possibilities if that is the case. Finally if after doing these test the power supply is still not working .. Message us with RMA request – We will overnight you a replacement and send you pre label to return your units …. Joseph

  4. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Great power supply!!! It does have a high pitched whining noise to it, but it’s not loud enough to hear it outside the room. I am definitely looking to get another one. When will they be back in supply????

    • :

      300 back in stock

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