HP Platinum 94% 2400 Watt (2 x 1200W) 110V-240V GPU Open Air Mining Rig Power Supply Kit

Power Supply Kit for GPU Mining Rigs
570451-1011200 Watt Platinum power supply kit
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HP Platinum 94%  2400watt (2x 1200W) power supply kit for GPU Video Card Mining Rig. Kit includes proprietary X6b, X7b, or X11 breakout board adapter, 24 inch 6-pin to 8-pin(6+2) PCI-E 16AWG cables, (8) heat resistant rubber foot pads.


Warranty: 30 Days

Product Description

2400 Watt (2 x 1200) 94% Platinum 110-240V GPU Mining Rig Power Supply Kit

This 2400 watt power supply kit includes 2 HP 1200 Watt Platinum power supplies. Featuring our X-Adapter X6B (8 port), X7B (12 Port), or X11 (16 Port). Improve your ROI by upgrading your current PSU set up to this 94% Platinum certified PSU. Fully tested before shipping. PSU Kit is intended to independently power ASIC miners or GPU's and their risers in a 24/7/365 mining rig environment.

Our Patent Pending Chain Sync Feature through our X6B, X7B, or X11 Breakout boards is done by connecting the interconnect cable from PSU 1 to PSU2 then PSU 2 to PSU 3; feature tested with up to 20 PSUs. These upgraded breakout boards also allow you to remotely manage your set-up via our XRMT-V1 remote management module.

GPU Mining Rig Power Supply Kit Components:

Server Power Supply Specifications:

  • Input: 110V-240V
  • Max Output @ 110V-120V: 1800W (2 x 900)
  • Max Output @ 200V-240V: 2400W (2 x 1200)
  • Input Connector: C13
  • Efficiency Rating: 80 Plus Platinum 94%

Breakout Board Features:

  • Electronic on /off switch. Retains its state
  • LED indicator lights: Yellow (receiving power) and Green (pushing power)
  • LED volt meter display Onboard
  • Protective bottom plate
  • X6B has 8 PCIe ports, for 6pin connectors
  • X7B has 12 PCIe ports, for 6pin connectors
  • X11 has 16 PCIe ports, for 6pin connectors
  • X8 has 16 PCIe ports, for 6pin connectors

6 Pin to 8 Pin PCIe Cable Specifications:

Gauge 16AWG
Length 24in
Max Amperage 12A
Max Wattage 400W
Connector A 6Pin PCIe Male
Connector B 8(6+2)Pin PCIe Male

Kit includes:

  • (2) HP 1200w Server power supply. Platinum Rated.
  • (Your choice of 0, 4, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, or 32) PCIe cables, 16AWG 6pin to 8(6+2)pin
  • (2) Rev: 6B, 7B, 8, or 11 X-Adapter, depending on the number of cables selected (Please note Chain sync and remote managed features not available with the free X8 breakout board.)
  • (8) 3M Rubber foot pads
  • X6B / X7B / X11 Manual sheet available here as a PDF
  • 30-day warranty


  • Radeon RX 580, Radeon RX 570, Radeon RX 560, Radeon RX 480, Radeon RX 470, Radeon RX 460, Radeon R9 390, Radeon R9 390x, Radeon R9 380, Radeon R9 390x, Radeon R9 370, Radeon R9 295x, Radeon R9 280x, Radeon Pro Duo, Radeon R9 series, Radeon  R7 series, Radeon HD 8000 series, Radeon HD 7000 series, Radeon HD Vega Frontier, Radeon HD Vega 64, Radeon HD Vega 56
  • Nvidia 1080Ti, Nvidia 1080, Nvidia 1070Ti, Nvidia 1070, Nvidia 1060, Nvidia 1050Ti, Nvidia 980Ti, Nvidia 980, Nvidia 970, Nvidia 960, Nvidia 950, Nvidia 780, Nvidia 750Ti, Nvidia GTX 690


With the increased popularity of ASIC and GPU mining many overseas and domestic sellers are taking advantage of the lack of knowledge of some users. We have seen an increase of sellers passing some HP 1200W PSUs as 94% Platinum rated. The only HP platinum 1200W PSU in the market are the ones with the following part numbers:  570451-101, 643956-101, 643956-201, 748283-201, 703247-101 (Certified by HP Directly). If you bought a HP 1200W PSU and it does not have these part numbers, IT IS NOT 94% PLATINUM CERTIFIED. 

Additional Information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 4 in
6+2 pin PCIE cables

Free X8 Breakout Board No Cables, +10 6+2pin PCIE cables, +12 6+2pin PCIE cables, +16 6+2pin PCIE cables, +20 6+2pin PCIE cables, +24 6+2 pin PCIE Cables, +28 6+2 pin PCIE Cables, +32 6+2 pin PCIE Cables



Cable Length


Cable Side A

6 Pin PCIe

Cable Side B

8 (6+2) Pin PCIe

PSU Compatible Input


Max Output @ 110V-120V

1800W (2x 900W)

Max Output @ 200V-240V

2400W (2x 1200W)

Got something to discuss?

3 years 28 days ago

@cbalbrecht (verified owner) – 10/30/2018

Yes, absolutely right about these PSU’s. I am using two of them for 6 months running one rig with 13 gpus Sapphire 580’s on the Asrock H110 pro and never had an issue with it. I also strongly second you on the cables issue. At least they should provide an assortment of cable choices for 6 pin to DUAL 8 pin(6+2) with various cable lengths. For sure they know the issue with GPU mining cable/extensions requirements and the different rig configuration that require specific number of pins to power it. I am going to order a set of psu’s for my new 12X 1080 ti Zotac amp edition. Good luck and keep ’em cryptos coming.

11 months 30 days ago

the options only gives options for cables and not boards. what board does this come with if I choose +24 6+2 pcie cables or the 20 cables. thanks

11 months 30 days ago

We are fazing out the X7, X6 The X11 is what will be included.

Brandon Reed
10 months 17 days ago

Are these compatible with the ZSX breakout boards? Or just use the X11 with sync cables?

Maybe I’m making this more complicated than it is, but hoping you can put me at ease. Thanks Joseph!

10 months 16 days ago

Yes, the ZSX is compatible with this PSU. The ZSX and X11 have the same compatibility.

9 months 11 days ago

Is the PSU unit itself brand new or refurbished/used?

9 months 11 days ago

They are system pull from unused servers. Since they are slotted loaded they will have minors scratches


14 reviews for HP Platinum 94% 2400 Watt (2 x...

  1. 5 out of 5

    bent (verified owner)

    so far so good! finally got more pcie than i know what to do with

    one complaint:
    Would be nice if they were a little louder. I mean as it is, that high pitched ASIC noise from the fan is nice for my shed out back, but could be louder and higher pitch. Dont want little critters building a nest or chewing the wires.

  2. 5 out of 5

    cbalbrecht (verified owner)

    These things ROCK!!! I have 4 of these PSU’s in series, running 8x 1080 Ti’s, 4x 1060’s (including risers), a Biostar TB250-BTC D+ MB, an Intel G3930 CPU, 8GB RAM, and an M.2 HD. Power on one, and all four come on. It just works.

    I ONLY WISH that instead of a 6-pin to 6-pin cable, they would sell breakout boards (and cables) that were 8-pin to 8-pin + 6-pin. That would allow for “easier” cable management when powering the beefier cards like the 1080 Ti’s. But, the 16-port breakout boards still get the job done. So, I’m happy.

    For anyone considering this purchase. DO IT!!! You’ll be very pleased.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Steven S. (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery

  4. 5 out of 5

    david HALL (verified owner)

    Works perfect loved the fact quick shipping to Canada you guys rock!

  5. 5 out of 5

    Wayne C. (verified owner)

    Excellent service and fast delivery!!

  6. 1 out of 5

    Nathan (verified owner)

    I have hopes. But the order still hasn’t shown up yet. So no idea. Not sure who to blame, but I’m about to buy an ATX off Amazon since I know it’ll show up on time.

    • Joseph g (store manager)

      Shipped USPS 9405511202555167251891 USPS Priority Mail, like FedEx, they are also having delay because of the weather situation.

  7. 5 out of 5

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  8. 5 out of 5

    RICHARD F. (verified owner)

    Just what I needed to finish my rig, great product

  9. 1 out of 5

    Andrew Ton (verified owner)

    Ordered this thinking you could choose which breakout board is received but the board is determined by the number of cables purchased, who really knew that? No real help after I spent the better portion of $1000 here to be shorted the boards I thought would come with this order. Also doesn’t help prices are going up weekly

    • Joseph g (store manager)

      Hi Andrew
      Please use our contact page and ask for me directly in the subject line. Give me as much details as possible and I will make it right for you.

  10. 1 out of 5

    Melanie A. (verified owner)

    Received 4 sets of 750 watts PSUs instead of the 4 sets of 1200 watts PSU which was ordered.
    Please let me know how to return process and receive the correct product. Order number 66092. We also haven’t received the interconnect sync cable which is crucial for our application. Just GPUs are sitting idle and we have to start running them. Please expedite the process. Appreciate your help.

    • Joseph g (store manager)

      Hi Melanie, we will be in touch with you via email. We will FedEx air the correct PSU tomorrow.

  11. 4 out of 5

    Andrew Ton (verified owner)

    Joseph made things right, sucks it took so long but worth it. Be careful with the product and how many cables you order, anything less than 24 6+2 cables will only get you a X6 or X7 board.

    If you don’t need all those cables use this product and you get to choose your board:

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