Intel/QLogic 68Y6989 True Scale Fabric InfiniBand Edge Switches 12200



True Scale Fabric InfiniBand Edge Switches 12200

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Product Description

Intel/QLogic 68Y6989 True Scale Fabric InfiniBand Edge Switches 12200

  • Brand- Intel/QLogic
  • FRU- 68Y6989
  • Model- 12200
  • Number of Ports- 36
  • Compatible- IBM Intelligent Cluster and IBM iDataPlex


Over the past 10 years, InfiniBand networks have become the preferred means for interconnecting high-performance computing (HPC) resources. The QLogic 12200 and 12300 are 36-port Quad Data Rate (QDR, 40 Gbps) InfiniBand switches designed to cost-effectively link workgroup resources into a cluster or provide an edge switch option for a larger fabric. The 12200 is a fixed configuration, externally managed InfiniBand switch; the 12300 is a modular, internally or externally managed InfiniBand switch.

Both switches are part of the 12000 Series of products that delivers an unmatched set of high-speed networking features and functions.


The QLogic 12200 and 12300 InfiniBand switches offer the following benefits:

  • Low latency: The QLogic 12200 and 12300 provide scalable, predictable low latency, even at 90% traffic use. Predictable latency means HPC applications can be scaled easily without worrying about diminished cluster performance or costly system tuning efforts.
  • Flexible partitioning: The QLogic 12200 and 12300 advanced design is based on an architecture that provides comprehensive virtual fabric partitioning capabilities that enable the InfiniBand fabric to support the evolving requirements of an organization. The TrueScale architecture, together with IFS, allows the fabric to be shared by mission-critical applications while delivering maximum bandwidth utilization.
  • Investment protection: The 12000 series of switch products adhere to the IBTA version 1.2 specification, ensuring the ability to interoperate with all other IBTA-compliant devices.
  • Highly reliable: The highly available 12200 and 12300 design is built around state-of-the-art fault detection and recovery capabilities. In addition, 12300 ships with hot-swappable, redundant power and cooling modules.
  • Easy to manage: The 12200 takes advantage of QLogic’s advanced InfiniBand Fabric Suite Software to facilitate quick installation and configuration. IFS has advanced tools to verify fabric configuration, topology, and performance. Faults are automatically isolated to the component level and reported. In addition, an optional embedded capability of 12300 can be used for switch management.
  • Power optimized: Maximum performance is delivered with minimal power and cooling requirements as part of QLogic’s Star Power commitment to developing green solutions for the data center.

Features and specifications

The QLogic 12200 and 12300 InfiniBand switches include the following features and functions:

  • 36 ports of InfiniBand QDR (40Gbps) performance with support for DDR and SDR
    • 40/20/10-Gbps auto-negotiation links
    • Supports Quad Small Form Factor Pluggable (QSFP) optical and copper cable specifications
  • TrueScale architecture, with scalable, predictable low latency
    • 2.88 Tbps aggregate bandwidth
    • Switching latency: < 140 ns
  • Multiple Virtual Lanes (VLs) per physical port
    • Virtual lanes: 8 plus 1 management
  • Maximum MTU size: 4096 bytes
  • Maximum multicast table size: 1024 entries
  • Supports virtual fabric partitioning
  • Redundant power (12200 models 0449-028 and 0449-029 and 12300 model 0449-021)
  • External chassis management via optional InfiniBand Fabric Suite (IFS) management solution, which provides an expanded set of fabric views and fabric tools.
  • Complies with InfiniBand Trade Association (IBTA) version 1.2 standard

The QLogic 12200 InfiniBand switch supports the following management methods:

  • QLogic InfiniBand Fabric Suite 6.0
  • Optional external server-based InfiniBand compliant subnet manager
  • IBTA-compliant SMA and PMA

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