NVIDIA TESLA M2070 GPU 6GB GDDR5 384-bit PCI Express 2.0 Graphic Card


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Manufacturer Refurbished OEM Bulk Packaging. Package include Nvidia Telsa M2070 6GB DDR5 PCI ONLY. NO ACCESSORIES INCLUDED

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Product Description

NVIDIA TESLA M2070 GPU 6GB GDDR5 384-bit PCI Express 2.0 Graphic Card

Based on the next-generation CUDA™ architecture codenamed “Fermi”, the NVIDIA Tesla M2070 Computing Module enable seamless integration of GPU computing with host systems for high-performance computing and large data center, scale-out deployments.

The 20-series Tesla GPUs are the first to deliver greater than 10X the doubleprecision horsepower of a quad-core x86 CPU and the first to deliver ECC memory. The Tesla M2070 module delivers all of the standard benefits of GPU computing while enabling maximum reliability and tight integration with system monitoring and management tools. This gives data center IT staff much greater choice in how they deploy GPUs, with a wide variety of rack-mount and blade systems and with remote monitoring and remote management capabilities they need.

Compared to CPU-only systems, servers with Tesla 20-series GPU Computing Modules deliver supercomputing power at 1/10th the cost and 1/20th the power consumption while providing the highest compute density.

NVIDIA TESLA M2070 Technical Specifications

Form Factor9.75” PCIe x16 form factor
Double Precision floating point performance (peak)515 Gflops
Single Precision floating point performance (peak)1.03 Tflops
Total Dedicated MemoryTesla M2070: 6GB GDDR5
Memory Speed1.55 GHz
Memory Interface384-bit
Memory Bandwidth148 GB/sec
Power Consumption225W TDP
System InterfacePCIe x16 Gen2
Thermal SolutionPassive heatsink cooled by host system airflow
Software Development ToolsCUDA C/C++/Fortran, OpenCL, DirectCompute Toolkits. NVIDIA Parallel Nsight™ for Visual Studio

Nvidia Data Sheet PDF

Part numbers: 43V5935 900-21030-0470-000, 699-21030-0205-101, 666422508

Additional Information

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions20 × 6 × 4 in

Bulk OEM


43V5935, 666422508, 699-21030-0205-101, 900-21030-0470-000







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