X15 12 Port Chain Sync Breakout Board for Dell Server Power Supply use in ASIC or GPU Mining

PowerEdge Power Supply Breakout Board
Dell PowerEdge Power Supply Breakout Board
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Delta PowerEdge Power Supply Breakout Board. 12 Port 6pin PCIE with Chain Sync Feature. Compatible with 750w 1100w 1600w 2000w PSU. Buy Now

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Product Description

12 Port Chain Sync Breakout Board for Dell 1100w 1600w 2000w 2400W PowerEdge Server Power Supply

Built from its predecessor, the X15 breakout board retains the quality of the X8 while adding several new features.  The X15 breakout board is designed specifically for Dell PowerEdge server power supplies (please see our list of compatible power supply units below). Fully tested before shipping. Use this adapter with ASIC miner and GPU mining rigs to mine bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Featured modes include:

  1. Standalone
  2. Couple with an ATX power supply for GPU mining with Sync ON/OFF
  3. Interconnected for synchronicity ON/OFF: Up to 20 tested possibly more.
  4. Dual PSU to Single hashing board fault protection Dual fault protection means "If one PSU fails the second PSU will shut off"
  5. XRMT-V1 remote management add-on module. While the X15 is interconnected, use the optional remote power management module to remotely manage ON-OFF / Schedule Restart.

Breakout Board Specifications:

  • Support up to 120Amp / 2400Watts
  • Electronic on/off switch. Retains its state.
  • 12 PCIe ports, for 6pin connectors
  • LED indicator lights: Yellow (receiving power) and Green (pushing power)
  • On-board LED voltage meter display
  • Protective bottom plate
  • Our Patent Pending Chain Sync Feature through our X6B, X7B, X11, X12, X15, and X20 Breakout boards is done by connecting the interconnect cable from PSU 1 to PSU2, PSU 2 to PSU 3, and so on. Feature tested with up to 20 PSU in a Daisy Chain.

Package Contents:

  • (1) X15 Breakout board
  • Interconnect sync cable, 1 to 2 X15  - One cable is included for each additional breakout board purchased together.
  • X15 Manual sheet available here as a PDF
  • 30-day warranty

Confirmed Power Supply Compatibility List

  • 1100 Watts:
    • DS1100PED-3-A
  • 1600 Watts:
    • D1600E-S0, DPS-1500EB A, 095HR5
  • 2000 Watts:
    • D2000E-S0, DPS-2000EB A, 0J5WMG, 0MVP7C, Z2000E-S1, 700-0139796-0200, 700-013796-0000, 0W1R7V, 039K3H
  • 2400 Watts:
    • D2400E-S0, DPS-2400BB A, 0CXC2T

Full breakout board compatibility list.

X6B, X7B, X11, X15, X20 Breakout Board - Parallel Miner

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs



Parallel Miner







Max Amprage

120 amps

Max Wattage


on /off switch

Retains its state

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1 year 11 months ago

The 4-pin molex works like a dual psu adapter if i understand correctly?

1 year 11 months ago

Yes, as an example if you were to use a standard ATX power supply in tandem with the X15, you would use a 4pin molex from the ATX into the X adapter. As a result, whenever the ATX power is turn on or off, the X adapter will also follow. The other application is with our X remote adapter, here you can connect up to 12 X adapter together and remotely turn them on or off. You can read about it here https://www.parallelminer.com/productnews/remote-access-management-pcb/. We have a big PROMO this week on the Xremote board


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