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The PPR board is universal, it uses a standard PCI-E socket as the input power. It can be used use with any power supply. Total rated output 3200watts.

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Product Description

The concept for developing this board was to solve the issue of compatibility with the current breakout boards/power supply combo known to the market. The PPR board is universal because it uses a standard PCI-E socket as the input power. It allows the user to combine the power of multiple power sources regardless of the PSU type. This means it can be used use with any power supply so long as its voltages are the same. Here are a few examples to understand its potential.

  • Useless 250watt ATX PSU. If you have (4) of those with the PPR board that would become a 1000watt PSU. The output power is combined.
  • Mix matches any capacity PSU's 460watt, 750watt, 1200watt, 1400watt, it does not matter. The output power will be combined. Up to 3200watts tested.
  • 100% Redundancy. For example a GPU Rig or ASCI miner that requires 2400watts of power. Connect (4) 1200watt to the PPR and you get a full redundancy if any power supply fails, the others will automatically take on the load.
  • Inexpensive low-capacity PSUs, such as 460watt are online at $10. Useless?  Not Anymore! 1840watts when combined together.
  • In the last pictures we have (1)1400watt (1)1200watt (2)750watt Powering (3) S9's at 1100 watts each. While ON if we unplug a 750watt, the others automatically share the extra load. Hashing rates do not drop.

The idea is to use the PPR II as an ISLAND. To use multiple power sources to power this Island and from it to power your devices. The current version of the PPR II has been tested at 3200watts of maximum sustained output power. Depending on the market adoption we have a plan for the PPR III release which will support up to 5800watts. Crypto winters suck! Yet, it's always where this industry best innovates.


  • Universal using PCI-E port as input power
  • Combine Power Up to 3200watts
  • High Build Quality W/ LED Voltage Display
  • Does not use ICs or Chips

Board Dimensions:
Length: 8.375 inches(212.725 mm)
Width: 6.875 inches(174.625 mm)
Height With Termination plug: 2 inches(50.8mm)


  • (1) PPR II Island board rated at 3200watts
  • (4) Termination plugs "Installed"

The termination plug has open currents when inserted. If removed the port is rendered disabled. This is useful if you were to replace a PSU while keeping the PPR II board under power or to prevent back feed into an unpowered PSU.


Additional Information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Max Wattage (Breakout Board)



Parallel Miner









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Daniel Kaufman
1 year 8 months ago

so, if you have a 1200 watt and 400 watt and a 1200 watt load, is it going to split evenly and put 600 watts on each PSU? If so, it is still useful if you have all the same wattage, but want to evenly split them.

1 year 8 months ago

Hi Daniel. in that case, most likely you would see 1000watt on the 1200 and 200watt on the 400. The 400 watts PSU will not perform more than its maximum rating.

1 year 6 months ago

35 ports, 3200w, is the intention to double up all pcie ports on devices because they are only 90w each?

1 year 6 months ago

Could this be used with a combination of high end ATX PSUs?

11 months 23 days ago

Folks, I have a question if you have two PSUs connected to this box to this breakout, let’s say I have also use X15. In my case, I don’t use a raiser PCI card, so 4 GPUs on the same motherboard. It is 4×4090, so I essentially need 2x2000watt for two cards and 2000watt for another card. (note that I take margin if Increase to 6 GPU). You usually don’t want to do that because of the potential difference between two PSUs and 75 Watt each card draw since it is two sources connected to the same device.

Does this perform something similar to what traditional server power distribution does?
i.e, two PSUs connected to PPR from PPR I power x15
from X15 motherboard andCPU and 2 GPU, from PPR, 2 other other GPU.
2xPSU > PRR -X5————2xGPU
\ ————————– 2xGPU



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