Available Now: Remote Access Power Management Board

ASIC Miner Chain Synced Server Power Supply Remote Access Management Board

It’s here! We are very happy to introduce Parallel Miner’s long-awaited remote access management PCB module for your mining set-up.

Remote Management

We all know that when your miners or GPUs begin to act erratically or under-perform, the best solution is often a simple hard reset. But what happens when you’re not near your mining facility at that moment? You only had 2, not-so-great options:

  1. going out of your way to get to your miners
  2. buying a Smart PDU (or many) that can cost $1,500+ each

But not anymore! With those two options firmly in mind, we created this remote management board as a third extremely cost-efficient option.

Added Bonus: it’s simple to use!

  • Connects directly to your router via an Ethernet cable.
  • Features a user-friendly, highly intuitive web interface.
  • With only 1 click you can remotely turn all chained PSUs on or off.
  • Or you may select a hard restart interval and let the automated power cycle feature do all the work for you.

See the product listing HERE.

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