80 Plus Power Supply Certification

80 Plus Power Supply Certification

With the increased popularity of ASIC and GPU mining many overseas and domestic sellers are taking advantage of the lack of knowledge of some users regarding power supply certification. We have seen an increase of sellers passing off non-certified power supplies as 80+ Gold rated and, in some cases, 80+ Platinum rated at 94% efficiency. We especially see this trend on third party sites like eBay and Amazon.

Don’t be fooled by these sellers. If a seller claims they are selling Gold or Platinum rated PSUs ask them for the power supply certification. Furthermore, ask them to verify the model and/or part number of the power supply you would receive. If they cannot provide this information, they may be selling you something that is not up to the advertised standards.

Parallel Miner prides itself in always delivering what we advertise; as a result we will provide the verified certification of our HP, Delta, and Lite-On power supplies upfront in every listing. 

Have a question about your current power supply certification? Send us a message and we would be glad to check on the certification status of your current PSU.

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