Parallel Miner and the Reality of Inflation

Parallel Miner is committed to supplying our customers with the lowest, most competitive rates available. However, our prices have indeed risen in recent months. We are taking this opportunity to offer a public explanation behind our price changes.

We have no interest in writing an in-depth article about how a capitalist economy, inflation, government decisions, or supply and demand work (nor how it all affects the cost of goods). While the information would all be relevant, it would be more than is necessary.

Unfortunately, the cost of raw materials, labor, power supplies, and import tax rates have all steadily increased recently and not-so-recently. Copper prices (the main component of our PCIe cables), for example, have increased by 45% alone in the past year!

We increased our product prices by the lowest possible amount to remain in business while also providing livable wages. As always, we appreciate your continued understanding and patronage.

Originally posted May 14th, 2021.

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