Worth watching for anyone seeking to understand

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  1. I think the blockchain is asome its giving me hope i was under my luck iam 44 years old i lived in the united states for 43 years out of does years i worked 20 years as a drywall finisher and next thing u know my life change in a hart bit i got stop for a traffic violation and i got deported left my kids and wife behind i had no hope but on a week end when my family visited me one my son brought me his laptop ididnt rely want to have it i didnt know much about computers so it was left behind i started to look for a job in the laptop and came across an add about blockchaians mining iam still learning i just started mining this past two weeks and with the help from the groups on web site iam understandig more it gave me hope again i look ahead an see my self taking care of my family again so all my thanks to all the person who deracated there time an effort but what caught my eye a paralleel miner s7 so what do suggest and viedio was great!!

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