Hashing rate above 2200 PH or 2.2 exabyte

We started to mine when hashing rate was at 140PH,  just a few years ago. Today for the first time I saw a rate above 2 exabyte.  Yet, price of BTC is still at a low $600!

Since our beginning at mining the price as triple but the difficulty as increased 12 fold. With these simple math in mind, BTC price should rise above $1000 in the very near future.


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  1. Martin Mendez
    Hello! My name is Martin and I am from Argentina but currently live in the US. I really am interested in mining for bit coin but have no idea how I can go about doing it. Do you have any information that would be helpful? Muchas gracias!
    • Joseph g
      Watch a movie call the Rise and Rise of Bitcoin. That will give you a solid base in understanding what is Bitcoin and why its is important.

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