ASUS B250 Mining Expert Power Kit. For the Mboard + GPU’s W/ Remote Module. Rev1B


This kit offers a complete power solution for the ASUS B250 Motherboard. Using ONLY TRUE Server Platinum Power Supply at 94% efficiency


Warranty: 30 Days

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Product Description

This kit offers a complete power solution for the ASUS B250 Motherboard using ONLY TRUE Server Platinum Power Supply at 94% efficiency. As a result, no ATX PSU is required. Further, having a single source of power between the Motherboard and GPU's increases stability.

We included a remote power management module with each kit. Giving you the ability to power cycle the entire rig from anywhere or pre-schedule power cycles.


** Motherboard and GPU's are NOT Included in this Kit; Pictures are for reference only  **


What's Included in this kit 


**   Depending on your selection for 13 or 19 GPU's
*** Most motherboards have an 8pin CPU power. Insert the 4pin into the 8pin, there is only one way it can fit.



No instructions are included. However, we will monitor and reply to all comments in the discussion tab. We encourage the community to also reply and comment with their experiences and collective knowledge. The above list of components included is linked to each item's listing with detailed specs. Please review the individual items for guidance.

As always, we highly recommend installing these components in steps and test each step before moving to the next one. The first step would be to power up the B250 Motherboard with the ATX 24pin adapter, get a screen, and access the bios. The second step to set up and run two GPU's.  Next, add two extra GPU's at a time and powering up and down until all are installed. Finally, "the fun part," clean up and secure all cables as desired.


Many Thanks to - James R. - for providing valuable feedback and pictures of his setup.





Additional Information

Weight 25 lbs



Parallel Miner



PSU Efficiency Rating

94% Platinum

Max Wattage @ 200-240V


Max Wattage @ 110-120V


AC Input


Mining GPU's

(6) GPUS, (12) GPUS, (13) GPUS, (19) GPUS, (24) GPUS

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14 days 13 hours ago

The Delta 1200 Platinum PSU is rated at 1200watt when connected to AC of 208V +. If connected to AC 110v/120v they will be rated at 900watt. Please be mindful of your GPU’s expected watt consumption. You may require input AC of 208V/240V depending on your GPU’s power requirements



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