PCIe 6pin to Molex 4pin Female – 24inch 14Awg – 12volt only

gpu mining motherboard power adapter


Cable adapter PCIe to Molex female. Principal use is to convert riser molex 4pin power to be use directly on PCIe 6pin power connectors.

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Product Description

GPU Mining Motherboard Adapter: PCIe 6pin to Molex 4pin Female Cable

Motherboards with support for high quantity of GPU for mining will require additional power on the motherboard through 2x 4-pin molex ports. Our 6-pin to Molex 4-pin female is an inexpensive and simple solution to get power to these molex ports on the motherboard if you are not using an ATX power supply.


  • 6pin male PCIe to 4pin female molex
  • 24 inches (2 feet) long
  • 14AWG
  • 12V
  • Standard 30 day warranty

Additional Information

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Connector 1


Connector 2

4 Pin Molex Female

Cable Length

24″ (2FT)



Got something to discuss?

11 months 1 day ago

How long are these cables?

11 months 23 hours ago

As stated in the description 24 inches

9 months 29 days ago

how many risers could be powered from 1x 6-pin plug? can I chain the molex together to power 2-3 risers from 1 cable? and would it matter if they were daisy-chained or all spawned from the 6-pin directly?

9 months 29 days ago

Many … I cannot tell you the exact amount. It depends on your setup. Try as many as you can until two possibility 1) the wire are getting warm or 2) You experience some failure with the GPUs mining

9 months 26 days ago

so it seems that powered risers don’t even use the 5v line? Is that a good assumption? or will they just pull extra power from the 12v to make up any difference?

9 months 26 days ago

Its correct they do not use the 5v . Originally they use molex or sata plug which carry both 12v and 5v but only the 12v were use

9 months 12 days ago

This is not true, at least for my risers. Now I have to get new ones. My risers are 4-pin molex and I tried to use the 6-pin to 4-pin converter (6 pin from PSU, 4 pin on riser). Perhaps it would work if the riser had the 6 pin and you were trying to power from 4 pin, but unfortunately I just found out that my risers use the 5v power. Apparently from what I’ve read, risers with the 6-pin input have 2 regulators to provide their own 5v/3.3v requirements from the 12v, but any that have just the 4 pin molex require the 5v line from the PSU. M goal was to not use up so many ports on the breakout board just to power risers, but alas it has ended up costing me both time and money. Perhaps you can design a breakout board that takes the risers into account a little better?

7 months 20 days ago

Can this be used to power the molex adapter in mother board (b250 mining expert)?

7 months 19 days ago

I’m assuming you are referring to the 4pin Molex plug on the B250. In that case – No – its should not be use because this adapter only provide 12volts. A true Molex 4pins is both 5Volts and 12Volts. What you need to do is split the 4pin Molex for the ATX Power suply or Pico board using this >> https://www.parallelminer.com/product/4pins-molex-y-splitter-cable-adapter-6-inch-long-highest-quality-cables/



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