Altered Component | Explain The ZSX Features & How To

ZSX Game Changer Server Power Supply All in one Breakout Board.

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  1. adidaone
    super helpful
  2. dylan-3796
    Nice video, well explained, awesome product! Thank you.
  3. ahendron
    how do you find the referral link as I have signed up for the affiliate?
    • Joseph g and login
  4. boarder_king
    Hi all! I got this awesome kit but i don't know why my pc won't start! I carefully follow the tutorial, connecting the 24pin+8pin to my mobo, but when i push the start button on my breakout board nothing happens. Server PSU starts normally, the breakout board is correctly powered on (i see the voltage indicator and the leds) but my pc won't start at all. I see the motherboard led on (so the mobo seems to be properly powered) but the system doesn't start! Can you help me please? Thank you so much!
    • Joseph g
      Have you connected the CPU Power? Unplug any cables you have connected to the Molex Port. They are so many things that can prevent a Motherboard to post, if you have a standard ATX PSU use it and test that the motherboard indeed posts to Bios. That alone will eliminate 20 possibilities and then you can go back to the ZSX.
  5. Per Rudi Danielsen
    ZSX BREAKOUT BOARD works on old setup. I replaced the MB to (Asus PRIME B450-Plus with AMD 3900 Pro 65w tdp only + Ram ). The blue light on ZSX trips straight away on power on. The new MB works fine with Normal ATX. Boot straight away. My old MB boots on boots on both power supply.

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