Breakout Board Adapter compatible with HP 1200 watt DPS-1200FB

BKR4X Breakout Board Adapter
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Breakout Board Adapter compatible with HP 1200 watt DPS-1200FB

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Product Description

X-Adapter Rev:4 Breakout Board Adapter

This breakout board adapter features a built-in LED voltmeter and 100 amps rated power output. It can power Bitcoin Miners such the Avalon A6, A4, Antminer S3, S1, S5, S7 and/or any other 12volt devices like RC hobby and drones.

Listing is for  the X Adapter Rev:4 only, nothing else included.

Meant to be used with high quality two wire PCIe cables.

Combined with the quality of an HP server power supply, the X-Adapter REV4 was made to withstand harsh environments 24/7.

Why the X adapter ?

Power supplies capable of 1200 watts output can sell for hundreds of dollars. While all are third party names and often low quality made in China, server accessory excess allows the market to acquire original TOP QUALITY power supplies at a fraction of the cost. The problem with server power supplies are their proprietary connectors. The X adapter solves this problem and allows the power supply to be used for other applications such as Bitcoin miners, RC hobby, drones.

Confirmed Compatible Power Supplies:

  • DPS-460EB A | HSTNS-PD14 | HSTNS-PL14
    • 499249-001, 499250-101, 499250-201, 511777-001, 503296-B21
  • HSTNS-PL23B | PS-2461-6C1-LF
    • 591553-001, 591555-201, 599381-001
  • DPS-460MB A | HSTNS-PL28 | PS-2461-7C-LF
    • 643931-001, 643954-201, 660184-001, 656362-B21
  • HSTNS-PR28-AD | HSTNS-PL28-AD | 7001613-J100
    • 746071-001, 748279-201, 748279-301, 742515-001, 739252-B21
  • DPS-750RB-A | HSTNS-PL18
    • 506821-001, 506822-201, 511778-001, 512327-B21
  • DPS-750RB-A | HSTNS-PD18
    • 506822-101, 506821-001, 511778-001, 512327-B21
  • HSTNS-PL12
    • 449838-001, 449840-001, 454353-001
  • DPS-750AB-4 A | HSTNS-PD31
    • 674890-001, 666375-101, 674275-B21
  • DPS-750UB B | HSTNS-PD22B
    • 591556-101, 591554-001, 599383-001, 593831-B21
  • DPS-750AB-3 A | HSTNS-PD29
    • 643932-001, 643955-101, 660183-001, 656363-B21
  • HSTNS-PL29-AD | PS-2751-7CB-LF
    • 746072-001, 748281-201, 742516-001, 739254-B21
  • HSTNS-PL34 | PS-2751-9C-LF
    • 697579-001, 700287-001, 697554-201, 697581-B21
  • DPS-1200LB C
    • MVKTR-LF
  • DPS-1200FB A | HSTNS-PD11
    • 440785-001, 438202-001, 438202-002
  • HSTNS-PL30
    • 643933-001
  • DPS-1200FB-1 A | HSTNS-PD19
    • 570451-001, 570451-101, 579229-001
  • DPS-1200SB A | HSTNS-PD30
    • 643933-001, 643956-101, 660185-001, 643956-201, 656364-B21
  • HSTNS-PL33 | PS-2152-1C-LF
    • 684529-001, 684530-201, 704604-001, 684532-B21

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1 year 1 month ago

Hello Will this work with Delta DPS-2400AB ?

1 year 1 month ago

Only on one side .. This model is too wide and if place on both power bar they will not fit

11 months 5 days ago

Do the cables come with this?

11 months 5 days ago
5 months 12 days ago

Not trying to be nitpicky–just seeking answers–I was just told in another product discussion that 16awg was the largest wires that would fit in these plugs.

Also, this says to be used with 2-wire cables, but the picture above and my Avalon 6 has 4-wire cables.

Lastly, does the 741 require 4- or 6-wire cables?

Thank you in advance. I look forward to upgrading through your company.

5 months 12 days ago

Here we have a 6pin PCIE populated with only two wires. The wire are 14AWG, although two 14AWG fits in 6pin/connector. If more then two would be use it would too tight. This older setup were use a few years ago on Antminer S3 and S5. I do not recommended this setup with current miner and never use on GPU


11 months 10 hours ago

Does this item work with both the HP HSTNS-PL11 & HP HSTNS-PL18 power supplies?

11 months 10 hours ago


10 months 9 hours ago

How many wires can you connect to this? And can you use one wire (with a 6-pin [or 8-pin] to dual 6+2pin splitter) to power one 1070 and it’s corresponding riser?

9 months 11 days ago

Hi…. Will this work with HP 499249-001 / HSTNS-PL 14?

9 months 11 days ago

Yes it is compatible

9 months 22 hours ago

Will this work with the HP 750W 506822-101?

9 months 13 hours ago

all of our breakout boards version 4 and higher will be compatible with the HP 750w power supply with part number 506822-101.

5 months 24 days ago

does this remember the last power state? (i.e. will it automatically turn back on after a power disruption?)

5 months 23 days ago

Yes, this breakout board has the save state feature.

5 months 13 days ago

Any ideas on why I have to power-cycle this breakout board when I randomly find my Avalon6 not hashing? It doesn’t seem to be saving its state for me.

Thanks & looking forward to buying one of your 741s in the near future.

5 months 13 days ago

When a power cycle is required, do the LED’s on the breakout board indicate that the power supply is on and providing power? The next time you need to power cycle the unit, try using a multi meter to see if the pcie ports on the breakout board is still providing voltage. Also are you noticing any error codes in the miner status page while the unit is powered on and hashing? You can also try reflashing the raspberry pi firmware or replacing the AUC2 controller to see if it resolves the issue.

5 months 13 days ago

All good questions. I will take note the next time it happens.

5 months 4 days ago

Thankfully, I haven’t encountered this shutting off issue since switching to a 220v/30a power source. If it does happen again, I’ll be sure to break out the multi-meter and check things out.

4 months 20 days ago

Hi Paul
… Breakout board were originally design just for that purpose! You can use up to 10 cables which would easily support up to 100amps when combine

3 days 13 hours ago

Is it compatible with DPS-700GB?

1 day 14 hours ago

No, we do not currently have a breakout board compatible with DPS-700GB. You can see our full compatibility list here.


3 reviews for Breakout Board Adapter compatible with HP 1200...

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Works like a charm. Got the package on time and in perfect condition. I’m commenting/reviewing this product not after i got but after using it for abt 30+ days. Being fairly new to mining….I’ve had couple of questions setting it up, all my questions and concerns answered. This is the type of service you would always expect. Thanks guys…keep rocking.

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Can’t beat this adapter for the cost.. Bought 4 of them!

    Question,, Is there documentation as to how to adjust the output voltage? Happy to change SMT parts or wire a potentiometer if info is available. Otherwise I’ll figure it out.


    • :

      Unfortunately there is no way to adjust the voltage from our breakout board. There is a way to adjust the voltage from within the power supply itself but this requires opening the psu. Here is a video for reference:
      You will want to skip to about 10 minutes in to get to the section where he demonstrates how to adjust the voltage.

      Please note that by opening up the power supply you will be voiding any valid warranty remaining on your PSU.

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