X7B 12 Port Chain Sync Breakout Board for HP DELTA LITE-ON Server Power Supply use in ASIC or GPU Mining

Diagram of X7B breakout board features
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Built-in (12) PCI-E connectors on board for quick easy connect. 120Amps rated. It can power ASIC Miners as well as GPU.  Multiple modes available including our chain synchronization feature.

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Warranty: 30 Days

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Product Description

12 Port Chain Sync Breakout Board for HP, DELTA, LITE-ON Server Power Supply.

Built from it’s predecessor the X7B breakout board retains the quality of the X7, X8 while adding several new features not seen in the industry.  It is compatible with two different types of PSU layout, it is backward compatible as a replacement for the X7 and X8 and it can operate in multiple modes. Use this adapter with ASIC miner and GPU mining rigs to mine bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Featured modes include:

  1. Standalone
  2. Couple with an ATX power supply for GPU mining with Sync ON/OFF
  3. Inter connected for synchronicity ON/OFF : Up to 20 tested possibly more.
  4. Dual PSU to Single hashing board fault protection " If one PSU fails the second PSU will shutoff"
  5. Remote management Add-ON board. While the X6B is interconnected a user will have the ability to remotely manage ON-OFF / Schedule Restart
  6. *** Remote management board coming soon  ***

Breakout Board Specifications:

  • Support up to 120Amp / 1500Watts
  • Electronic  on /off switch. Retains its state
  • Support 8 PCIe 6Pins connector
  • LED volt meter display Onboard
  • Protective bottom plate
  • Our Patent Pending Chain Sync Feature through our X7B, X11, and X6B Breakout boards is done by connecting the interconnect cable from PSU 1 to PSU2, PSU 2 to PSU 3, and so on. Feature tested with up to 20 PSU in a Daisy Chain.
    • Chain sync feature is fully compatible between the X6B, X7B, and X11 breakout boards.

Package Contents:

  • X7B Breakout board
  • Inter connect cable, 1 to 2 X7B  - One cable is included for each additional breakout board purchased together.
  • X7B Manual sheet available here

Power Supply Compatibility List

  • Note: Not compatible with Dell power supply with Dell Part Number: TCVRR, 0GVHPX, or 0XCHHD.
  • 460 Watts:
    • DPS-460EB A, HSTNS-PD14, HSTNS-PL14, 499249-001, 499250-101, 499250-201, 511777-001, 503296-B21, HSTNS-PL23B, PS-2461-6C1-LF, 591553-001, 591555-201, 599381-001, DPS-460MB A, HSTNS-PL28, PS-2461-7C-LF, 643931-001, 643954-201, 660184-001, 656362-B21, HSTNS-PR28-AD, HSTNS-PL28-AD, 7001613-J100, 746071-001, 748279-201, 748279-301, 742515-001, 739252-B21
  • 750 Watts:
    • DPS-750RB-A, HSTNS-PL18, 506821-001, 506822-201, 511778-001, 512327-B21, DPS-750RB-A, HSTNS-PD18, 506822-101, 506821-001, 511778-001, 512327-B21, HSTNS-PL12, 449838-001, 449840-001, 454353-001, DPS-750AB-4 A, HSTNS-PD31, 674890-001, 666375-101, 674275-B21, DPS-750UB B, HSTNS-PD22B, 591556-101, 591554-001, 599383-001, 593831-B21, DPS-750AB-3 A, HSTNS-PD29, 643932-001, 643955-101, 660183-001, 656363-B21, HSTNS-PL29-AD, PS-2751-7CB-LF, 746072-001, 748281-201, 742516-001, 739254-B21, HSTNS-PF04, HPM-S-0750DDL00, 619671-401, 639173-001, 636673-B21, HSTNS-PL34, PS-2751-9C-LF, 697579-001, 700287-001, 697554-201, 697581-B21
  • 1100 Watts:
    • 7001515-J100, Z1100P-00, 03MJJP, 0Y613G, 01Y45R, L1100A-S0, PS-2112-2D-LF, PS-2112-2D1-LF, 09PG9X, 0W933G, PS-2112-2L, 0XVKF0, PS-2112-2L LF, 09K3M9
  • 1200 Watts:
    • DPS-1200LB C, MVKTR-LF, DPS-1200FB A, HSTNS-PD11, 440785-001, 438202-001, 438202-002, HSTNS-PL30, 643933-001, DPS-1200FB-1 A, HSTNS-PD19, 570451-001, 570451-101, 579229-001, DPS-1200SB A, HSTNS-PD30, 643933-001, 643956-101, 660185-001, 643956-201, 656364-B21
  • 1400 Watts:
    • PS-2142-2L, PS-2142-2L LF, 0Y53VG, DPS-1200MB A, D1200E-S0, 0MYV71, 04V04J, DPS-1200MB-1 A, D1200E-S1, 0RN0HH, 0CN35N, DPS-1200MB-1 B, D1200E-S2, 0J8HPV, 0FRVCP, DPS-1200MB-1 C
  • 1500 Watts:
    • HSTNS-PL33, PS-2152-1C-LF, 684529-001, 684530-201, 704604-001, 684532-B21

X7B Breakout Board - Parallel Miner

Additional Information

Weight 0.25 lbs



Parallel Miner



PCIE Ports


Max Amprage

120 amps

Max Wattage


on /off switch

Retains its state



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7 months 13 days ago

I bought this by mistake not sure why i thought it was the X12 my bad ill keep it and be more care full next time i can still use it .

7 months 9 days ago

it doesn’t work with 490594-001 438203-001 498152-001 HSTNS-PL11. guess i’ll wait for the x12 and hope it does.

7 months 9 days ago

X7B board tested and working 100% with HP 1200w HSTNS-PL11

7 months 8 days ago

Hi Harry … Stock coming by early next week. I will instruct our staff to overnight you one unit

7 months 2 days ago

I meant the LITEON PS-2142-2Q1-0XCHHD my bad just noticed i put the wrong PSU there ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
you all don’t have to send me one I’ll buy it when it comes out , i don’t have a Problem with that .I’m using the X7b with the HP 1200w HSTNS-PL11 not sure what i was looking at when i said that again sorry . must of been having a bad day lol ,…. just came to see if the X12 is on sell yet 🙂 .

7 months 1 day ago

Harry, not yet. Don’t worry, you have been on my list of people to notify as soon as the X12 is available so you will be one of the first to know!

1 month 24 days ago

I bought one of these in a breakout board+cables kit recently, which didn’t come with the Fault Protection cable, but I just wanted to check and see if I buy this listing of the X7B that it could be shipped with the Fault Protection cable(s)–not sure if you need one or two–rather than the Inter Connect cable since I will need fault protection in my next upgrade. Thanks for the great products as always!

1 month 23 days ago


Only the 4 pin interconnect cable is included for orders of more than 1 breakout board. Not everyone has a requirement for the dual fault protection feature so we do not include them with every purchase of our boards. The cables can be purchased here. If you are going to place an order for the X7B breakoutboard, please provide us with your order number and we will be glad to include a set of the dual fault protection cable along with your order.

1 month 23 days ago

Thanks! I appreciate the accommodation. I’ll be sure to let you know when I place my order.


5 reviews for X7B 12 Port Chain Sync Breakout Board...

  1. 5 out of 5


    Will this work with LITEON PS-2142-2Q1-0XCHHD if no one knows,I’m gonna buy one in a few days, and find out, if it won’t work, it won’t be a waste to me, i can still use it on other PSU’s . :).

    • :

      We do not have that PSU to test, but we know it doesn’t work with TCVRR.

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    does it work with HP 1200W Power Supply Server 490594-001 438203-001 498152-001 HSTNS-PL11?

    • :

      Yes the X7B breakout board is compatible with the HP 1200w with the part numbers 490594-001 438203-001 498152-001 HSTNS-PL11.

  3. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    The breakout boards sold from Parallel Miner are in a class of their own! There are simply NO comparisons whatsoever. The “chain sync” and “fault protection” features have opened up a world of opportunities when it comes to powering any miner! Other boards are junk and get dangerously hot, eventually turning the PCB board, terminals, and terminal housings dark brown to black (one of which melted and nearly caught on fire).

    Beware of cheap knockoffs being sold elsewhere – the “sync” feature on them is MUCH different and will RUIN your miner and/or expensive equipment. Parallel Miner/Centrix is the ONLY place to get these genuine, quality boards featuring this kind of sync feature and fault protection!

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