ASRock H110 Pro BTC+ Power Kit. For the Motherboard + GPU’s W/ Remote Module

ASIC Miner Power SupplyATX Power Adapter - Sometimes referred to as a pico adapter
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This kit offers a complete power solution for the ASRock H110 Pro BTC+ Motherboard. Using ONLY TRUE Server Platinum Power Supply at 94% efficiency


Warranty: 30 Days

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Product Description

Although this kit can be used on any ATX Motherboard the quantities of the following components are geared for the ASRock H110 Pro. This kit offers a complete power solution using ONLY TRUE Server Platinum Power Supply at 94% efficiency. As a result, no ATX PSU is required. Further, having a single source of power between the Motherboard and GPU's increases stability.

We included a remote power management module with each kit. Giving you the ability to power cycle the entire rig from anywhere or pre-schedule power cycles.

** Motherboard and GPU's are NOT Included in this Kit; Pictures are for reference only  **

What's Included in this kit 

**   Depending on your selection for 6 or 13 GPU's. We will include 10 cables and 6 extension Y splitters with the 6 GPU kit; 20 cables and 12 splitters with the 12 GPU kit.

*** Depending on your selection between Pico and ZSX board. ZSX Board Manual available here as a PDF.

**** Depending on your selection between 2400watt and 1200watt PSU. The power cord is not included for the 1200watt, which needs a C13 cable.


No instructions are included. However, we will monitor and reply to all comments in the discussion tab. We encourage the community to also reply and comment with their experiences and collective knowledge. The above list of components included is linked to each item's listing with detailed specs. Please review the individual items for full guidance.

Please review the ZSX to motherboard wiring guide.

As always, we highly recommend installing these components in steps and test each step before moving to the next one. The first step would be to power up the Motherboard with the ATX 24pin adapter, get a screen, and access the bios. The second step to set up and run two GPU's.  Next, add two extra GPU's at a time and powering up and down until all are installed. Finally, "the fun part," clean up and secure all cables as desired.



Additional Information

Weight 25 lbs



Parallel Miner



PSU Efficiency Rating

94% Platinum

AC Input


Mining GPU's

(6) GPUS, (13) GPUS

ATX Power Option

ZSX Breakout Board, Pico Board 178watt, Pico Board 160watt

Power Supply Type

(1) 2400watt 200V+, (2) 1200watt 110V+

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jeremey Schofield
1 month 20 hours ago

My order hasn’t shipped and I’d love to switch to this package. I’ve left my number on your machine. I’d love to grab this instead. Great looking package!

1 month 19 hours ago

Please send us a message via the contact form. We can cancel your order and you can place a new one. Most of us are working remotely, the phone is really not the best way to reach us.

jeremey Schofield
30 days 15 hours ago

Spoke with your team there, and was able to change the order. Thanks for the help! You rock!

20 days 1 minute ago

Hello. Im looking to buy this kit, but I would like to know if there are any disadvantages or advantages to the pico board over the ZSX breakout board and how long would it take to ship to Estonia.

jonathan james
17 days 12 hours ago

This will sound like a silly question but how do you connect a sata powered ssd? Specifically the power to the ssd.

The h110 motherboard says that you need to take the psu sata power and connect it to sata power on the motherboard itself.

The zsx board says the sata power should be used for only one ssd but I’m attaching that to the motherboard directly liked it says in the instructions. So where do i get power for the actual ssd?

Do I need a pcie 6pin to sata power cable?

The sata power cable from the zsx has a sata connection and a molex connection. Can the sata power go to motherboard and then I use the molex to power the actual ssd using a molex to sata power? Even though it says only for one device?

What options do I have?


17 days 10 hours ago

SSD drive required two cables to work. (1) power cable the power the SSD (2) Sata cable for data transfer, that one connect on you SSD and on your motherboard SATA port.

17 days 1 hour ago

Hmmm…. But the asrock manual says that I should plug the ssd power cable from the power supply to the motherboard itself. Not to an actual ssd. It says to do this for stability. The motherboard has two extra molex power connections and one sata power connection. The manual says that all three should be powered from the power supply. Is that wrong?
If the manual is right then there isn’t an obvious way I can see to power an ssd without a splitter or some thing else? Any insight would be appreciated

17 days 12 hours ago

I’m planning on running 12 cards with 200W of max draw each, but they’ll be underpowered to closer to 135w when mining. Will the 2400W version be sufficient for that? With the small overhead from the motherboard it puts the max power draw over 2400w, but would that realistically be an issue? Thanks.

Pavel Litorovich
16 days 16 hours ago

How long the wait for backorder? Thanks.

16 days 14 hours ago

We are expecting the ZSX board back in stock this week. Our shipment just cleared custom.


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