How To Get Your FREE Remote Access Management Board

Free Remote Access Management Module Giveaway

In this giveaway, we're offering all of our valued customers the chance to each receive up to 2 FREE remote access management PCB modules. If you purchased 4 or more breakout boards, or kits containing the breakout boards, from us in 2018, then you are eligible!

Purchases of 4 to 7 breakout boards will receive 1 remote access module. If you purchased 8+ breakout boards, then you will receive 2 remote management modules.

Giveaway Qualifying Breakout Boards

Any X-Adapter that is compatible with the remote management module is qualified! The complete list of breakout boards is:

X6B X7B X11 X12 X15 X20

How To Enter the Giveaway for a Free Remote Access Module

Simply fill out THIS FORM (Link removed as the deadline has passed) and submit it! The form asks how you purchased the breakout boards, the order number(s), and the shipping address.

Giveaway "Fine Print"

Orders will be verified prior to the free remote management module(s) will be shipped. All qualified requests received before April 1st, 2019 will be honored. Shipping will be paid by Parallel Miner, but any applicable customs or duties are the responsibility of the recipient.

Need More Remote Access Management Units?

You can purchase the modules separately HERE.

2 Responses

  1. dontrudeau
    I am trying to set up the remote access and I have gained access to the board but it as asking for a name and password and I cant find anthing in the instructions about it How do I get the name and pw ? thanks Don
    • Joseph g
      sorry ... user: admin password: admin

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